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Common Rear-End Truck Accident Injuries


If you’ve been involved in a rear-end truck accident, it may be time to seek legal assistance. Insurance companies are determined to settle for the lowest amount possible, and they will often use victim’s words against them. An attorney will negotiate a fair settlement for their client. Insurance companies will probably try to low-ball victims when negotiating with them, but an attorney will be able to value the case more accurately.

How much is a rear-end truck accident worth? It does depend a lot on the injuries.

Common injuries sustained in a rear-end truck accident

A rear-end truck accident can leave you with a number of common injuries. Some of these injuries are incredibly painful, such as vertebral compression fractures. This type of injury occurs when a vertebral body collapses, and it can cause long-term effects, such as lowered height or disability. Despite their seemingly minimal effect, rear-end truck accidents can result in high medical bills and painful headaches.

The head and brain are the most common injuries sustained in a rear-end collision. Although most injuries to these parts of the body are apparent, the most serious ones are those resulting from traumatic brain injury. Whiplash, which causes the brain to slam against the skull, can cause bruising, bleeding, and even tears. Even if airbags are deployed, these injuries can cause concussions, swelling, and bruising in the head.

Common causes of rear-end truck accidents

Rear-end collisions typically result in neck and back injuries, including whiplash. These injuries can range in severity from minor whiplash to a broken neck. The neck and back may experience pain, dizziness, and headaches, although they often do not present symptoms immediately. Rear-end collisions often result in traumatic brain injuries as well. This type of injury can also result in permanent cognitive damage.

Among the common causes of rear-end collisions, drivers are likely to be distracted while driving. These distractions can range from texting to changing radio stations or even eating while driving. Distracted driving may also result in accidents if a driver is tired or has a low reaction time. Speeding is another common cause of rear-end collisions, and drivers who speed can’t stop in time. The force of impact is often very high, resulting in serious injuries.

Common types of lawsuits filed after a rear-end truck accident

In a rear-end truck accident, there is often little to dispute in court. Fortunately, this type of accident settlement is often attainable. The liable driver’s insurance company will write a check for the resulting damage to your vehicle and will usually offer the injured party an initial settlement amount. This settlement will need to be supported with evidence of lost income and damages. Often, an attorney is needed to make this case, as insurance carriers may try to reduce your settlement because you technically didn’t lose any days of work.

Rear-end truck accidents can be costly, with damages ranging anywhere from $100,000 to millions of dollars. In fact, the median award in such cases is $100,000, and there were two hundred and ninety-nine cases involving settlements in excess of $1 million in the last decade. Rear-end truck accidents are much more costly because the physical injuries that result are far more serious. Moreover, the victims are at a higher risk for mortality than in other types of accidents.

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