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What is TOGAF?

TOGAF stands for the Open Group Architecture Framework is an architecture framework designed mainly for the software development process. It is sophisticated which promises to deliver error-free, reliable, budget-friendly, and timely software products to organizations. The TOGAF was developed by the Open group in 1995. According to research, 80 percent of global 50 companies and 60 percent of fortune 500 companies used the framework. This framework is aimed at aligning the IT development goals with the business goals for achieving a win-win strategy. The Open group states that TOGAF is intended to:

  • Ensure everyone speaks the same language
  • Avoid lock-in to proprietary solutions by standardizing open methods for enterprise architecture
  • Save time and money, and utilize resources more effectively
  • Achieve a demonstrable ROI.

TOGAF pillars

 The TOGAF consists of four domains:

  • Business Architecture: this consists of information on business strategy, governance organization, and ways to adapt an existing process within the organization.
  • Application Architecture: it defines the blueprint for structuring and deployment of application systems aligning it with the business goals, other organizational frameworks, and all core business processes.
  • Data Architecture: this aims at defining the data storage, management and maintenance that also includes logical and physical data models.
  • Technical Architecture: it describes all the necessary hardware, software, and necessary IT infrastructure involved in developing and deploying business applications.

Next, let us know about TOGAF certification and the benefits of getting certified.

TOGAF Certification

The TOGAF certification consists of two levels:

The level 1 TOGAF certification consists of all the fundamentals of the TOGAF 9.1.

The level 2 TOGAF certification consists of all the working knowledge required at the implementation level in any business situation along with all the relevant tools, technologies, and concepts.

There are no prerequisites for taking TOGAF 9.1 level 1, anyone can apply for it. The TOGAF Level 2 exam requires you to first complete the level 1 course before you proceed to level 2. The TOGAF can be retaken in the duration of 30 days after the previous attempt, in case the professionals fail to qualify. However, the professional can only retake it up to 3 times per year. The TOGAF 9 certification cannot be renewed for individuals.

Benefits of Getting TOGAF Certified

The benefits that will help the professionals and organizations upgrade themselves are listed below:

  • Over the years, the architecture has been apparently integrated with IT technology. So this has led to a high demand for professionals skilled in enterprise architecture. Also, the companies have adopted this technology from TOGAF.
  • TOGAF certified professionals share common knowledge and also speak the same language all over the world. This makes them highly standardized in their work.
  • The TOGAF has two levels for the certification. Level one doesn’t have any prerequisite and can be learned from anyone, while level two requires to complete level 1 first. This staged approach of two levels makes it convenient for anybody who wishes to upskill themselves thoroughly.
  • The TOGAF is budget-friendly and even if you wish to give both the level you can pay for both at a discounted price.
  • The TOGAF opens up the doors of wonderful career opportunities that offer attractive salary packages. The average salary for TOGAF certified professionals is $13,8525, according to Payscale.
  • The TOGAF certification will help you get more career opportunities. This will build up the trust among the recruiters and hiring managers because the skills gained with the help of TOGAF meet international standards, which will no doubt gives you opportunities across industries such as banks, hospitals, etc.
  • The TOGAF professionals are required to speak a language common among the IT professionals and other professionals in the enterprises.
  • The TOGAF certification helps you train yourself with the right amount of skills and concepts so that you can meet the needs of the organization in which you are working.
  • It will help you work upon your leadership skills for the desired goals and objectives. As a result, this will also work upon your managerial skills for the IT projects.
  • It will help you validate your skillset because TOGAF has been trusted for years among organizations.
  • This will give opportunities to network with different professionals across various regions. Also, you can build win-win relationships with them for future work relations.
  • The best part of getting certified in TOGAF is that it doesn’t have any prerequisite for applying it, while others have a defined set of criteria.



By knowing the above-listed reasons, it is now safe to say that getting certified in TOGAF is important. It benefits not just the individual, but the organizations as well. It helps the enterprise architects to deeply study the information technology architecture of the business and align it with the business goals. Therefore, any professional willing to upgrade themselves for the new opportunities must go for the TOGAF certifications as it does not require any prerequisite also. Enroll in the best course that will provide you with industry experts and the best training.


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