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How to Nail Your First Job Interview in Bangalore

How to Nail Your First Job Interview in Bangalore

In one of the most iconic scenes of the film Aladdin, the title character flies over the earth on a magic carpet singing about “a whole new world with new horizons to pursue.” Well, your first job may not include a magic carpet, but it can definitely be the same kind of doorway to a new phase of your life. Because you’ve graduated from your dream college and now you’re setting the stage for your entrance into one of the best IT companies in Bangalore for freshers. But there’s one step that stands between you and that launchpad for your career. The job interview.

As a fresher, you’re obviously not going to be a seasoned pro at interviews. Maybe you’re worried about what to wear or what kind of questions you’ll be asked. Or perhaps you’re not quite sure what to do before you step into one of IT parks in Bangalore to meet the recruitment personnel. And of course you’ve got some doubts about what the etiquette is after the interview is over. Well, we’re here to answer all your questions with our easy guide to nailing a job interview even as a fresher. Let’s get started.

First impressions

You may have heard the saying, “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be forgotten.” Well that’s never truer than for a fresher at a job interview. It’s best to arrive at your interview venue ten minutes before the scheduled time. This way you can figure out any entrance or security formalities and still have time to calm yourself down from any interview jitters. Plan your travel route out the night before and ensure that you leave enough buffer for traffic because being late to the interview will not leave a good impression on the person who’s going to hire you. And once you reach your destination punctually, it’s also important to consider how you’re dressed. A jeans and t-shirt may be good enough for a day out with your friends but it’s definitely not the way to go for your interview. The way you dress will show how seriously you’re taking the hiring process and whether you’re a good fit for the role. Professional attire is best, but don’t overdo it by wearing a heavy coat in peak summer unless your industry requires you to. Don’t forget personal hygiene and grooming – your interviewer should remember you at the end of the hour, not your unbrushed hair or crumpled shirt.

Do your homework

The basic mistake most people make is thinking that the job interview lasts only for the amount of time you spend with your recruiter. But the truth is it’s a lot more involved, if you do it right. The first thing to keep in mind is you have to express interest in the company to stand out from other candidates. And that means doing your research. Find out what your organisation’s goals are, and read up on their products, vision, challenges and growth journey. It’s also a good idea to do a quick news search to see whether they’ve attracted any negative attention in the past. Not only will this research add weight to your conversation in the interview, it’ll give you a clearer picture about whether the company is the right fit for you. Once you’ve done your homework for your prospective employer, remember to do the same for yourself by updating all your professional social media (and combing through your personal ones). Remember that in today’s world social media vetting can go a long way towards making or breaking employment opportunities. So untag yourself from those embarrassing Facebook photos and update your LinkedIn profile to give yourself a fighting chance.

Practice your interview

The important thing to remember about a job interview is that it gives your recruiter a chance to see who you are beyond your CV. As a fresher, you’ve probably got a whole bunch of academic credentials and extracurricular achievements going for you, but an interview is a chance for you to also show off your personality. And the way you communicate during the interview will show your confidence levels. It’s a good idea to rehearse your answers for some basic questions before you step into an interview so that you’re not totally caught off guard. For the best possible impression, ensure that you think your answers through and avoid informal slang while speaking. And don’t forget about body language. There’s nothing that turns off an interviewer like a slumped posture or a candidate who avoids eye contact. So sit straight and interact openly.

Ask questions

What most freshers forget during their first job interview is that it’s an interview not an interrogation. This means you should be confident enough to ask a few questions that you may have to your recruiter as well. Not only will this impress your interviewer and help you show off your knowledge about the company, it’s also a good chance for you to find out about the organisation’s culture and values and what your role will be like in practice. So ask away.

And there you have it. Our easy-to-follow guide on acing your job interview in Bangalore. With these tips, you’re sure to impress any recruiter and bag yourself that dream job. A whole new world is waiting for you so just remember to be calm and confident, you’ve got this!


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